We know why you’re here.

It isn’t by chance that you’re on our website. You certainly didn’t find us with Google. It’s very simple, someone told you about Impulse.

You’re looking for something a little different.

We’re not the “standard” partner for financial and strategic advice. Impulse helps innovative tech companies take the next step. And the step after that. We’re in it for the long term.

Are we for you?
Maybe not.

We’re not for everyone, we’re choosy about who we work with. We want to make a difference for companies who want to make a difference. Companies with purpose.

What is our mission? What is your mission?

It’s important to have a click, we need to believe in you and your company. And you need to believe in us. For example, the kind of client who works with Impulse understands that investing is about much more than raising money. We’re more interested in helping your company grow in the healthiest way possible.   

Impulse, Impulse or Impulse?

Not every company is at the same stage and not every company needs all our services. We’re practical, we’re Dutch after all. We offer three levels tailored to fit exactly what you’re looking for.

A little help

Maybe you only need a nudge in a certain direction. For example, you’re talking to various investors, and you’d like a little help. Or regarding the strategic aspects of your business. 

More than a little help

Perhaps you’re not looking for a long-term partner but need more than a little help with, for example, a full-scale funding round. 

A long-term partner

Now you’re talking! A long-term relationship, building mutual trust, where we get to learn about every aspect of your business. Helping you scale up at the right speed and finding funding partners with the same DNA.

Impulse people

Feddo Tamminga


Lars van der Veen


Joris van Rijn


What our clients say

“The people I talked to are also going to do the work. That was not the case in the past with other companies.”

Johan Feenstra
CEO Smart Photonics

“They didn’t act like it was some kind of magic. They actually were surprisingly modest.”

Rein Westerdijk
Co-Founder Taylor

“I didn’t look at the internet at all, when I made my decision. It’s about looking someone in the eye. Is there a click?”  

Peter Liesting
CEO Datlinq

Some numbers

> 300m 

Funds raised for innovators


R-value of positive word of mouth

max 5

Clients or projects at once

Let’s talk

Honestly, who was ever convinced by reading a website? However, a conversation is another matter. Give us a call, you never know.

Feddo Tamminga


Joris van Rijn