A Sea Change for Solar.

A global energy transition is in motion, from fossil fuels to zero carbon. Countries all over the world are attempting to meet sustainability goals set by the United Nations. One of the most important sources for this clean energy is converting sunlight into electricity: solar power. However, for many densely populated areas, land scarcity and rising prices are making onshore solar power hard to realize and expensive. There is a simple solution. Offshore solar power, using the 71% of the Earth’s surface covered in water.

SolarDuck is well-positioned to take advantage of offshore solar power. They have a superior scalable and affordable floating solution. One that can withstand the roughest seas and hurricane force winds. Created and built by a dedicated team of maritime experts.

However, when you’re developing a solution for one of the world’s biggest problems, you need a little assistance. Some help in realizing the funds needed to turn a dream into reality. Putting together the business case, financial models and the fundraising strategy. Who to turn to? How about a partner specialized in helping clean tech companies take the next step!? Full commercialization for SolarDuck is expected by 2023.