Impulse: just what the doctor ordered.

Oncolines, part of NTRC Holding, is highly specialised in the study, treatment, diagnosis and prevention of cancer. They are a high-quality Contract Research Organisation (CRO) providing clinical trial services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Offering precision medicines in the fields of oncology and immunotherapy. Oncolines is dedicated to bringing new and improved therapies to the patient population more quickly. When they needed a specialist themselves, for their acquisition by Symeres, they consulted Impulse.

We examined Symeres closely. We wanted the healthiest situation for both parties.

Symeres is about “making molecules matter”. They are a leading international research organisation for both drugs development, but also creating new drugs. We quickly saw the potential. The larger size of Symeres, with over 600 employees, operating from eight sites in the Netherlands, Finland, the Czech Republic and the United States enables Oncolines to extend their services. Using the broader Symeres platform, allows a more integrated offering. Better treatment for new and existing customers.

Oncolines could concentrate on their day-to-day business, while Impulse took care of the business case and financial models necessary for the acquisition. Coordinating with due diligence and providing guidance throughout the transaction phase. Avoiding what can sometimes be a long and painful process.