Edorado: On a mission to turn the sea green.

Luxury yachts cause major damage to our environment. The diesel engines release carbon dioxide (CO2) and other harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. They often discharge oil, fuel, and sewage directly into the water, contaminating fragile marine ecosystems. The noise and vibration from these engines disrupt the lives of marine creatures, such as dolphin, whales and many others, affecting their communication, navigation, and feeding patterns. Edorado solves all these problems in one clean (green) sweep.

Over the last three years, Edorado has progressed from a modest 1:2 scale model to a full-sized prototype. During this time, testing and refining their in-house hydrofoil technology. The result? Their flagship model: the Edorado 8S luxury yacht, and technology that is ready to be commercialised. The goal? To use the 8S as a stepping-stone towards a completely modular hydrofoil system. A system capable of replacing inboard and outboard diesel engines. A green journey that starts in the highly demanding luxury yacht market and ends in all boat brands eager to embrace eco-friendly technology.

Leaving the ocean’s inhabitants in peace

The Edorado 8S was launched at the prestigious Cannes Yachting Festival 2023, wowing visitors with its ground-breaking technology and seafaring-sophistication. The 8S can travel at an astonishing 70 km/h while releasing absolutely zero CO2 emissions. In fact, the 8S doesn’t actually travel on the sea, it silently flies just above it, thanks to the cutting-edge hydrofoil technology developed by Edorado. Reducing drag by 70% compared to traditional boat design. More importantly, leaving the whales, dolphins and all the other ocean’s inhabitants in peace.

Revolutionising the boating industry is not an inexpensive undertaking. You need partners. You need vast sums of external funding. You need strategic advice. And you need a reliable and trustworthy advisor at your side, to ensure that you make the right choices at the right time. Impulse helped Edorado get the 8S off the ground (and above the sea). Through our joint efforts, the necessary funding was secured, excellent leads were generated in Cannes, demos booked, and the PR campaign is now in full swing. We look forward to supporting Edorado for the long term, in this new course for luxury yachting, that prioritises sustainability and innovation.