Helping Voyex transform the heavy-duty mobility industry with zero emissions oil.

Voyex has the opportunity to fundamentally change the heavy-duty mobility industry, by supplying a hydrogen-based zero-emissions oil. However, to make this possible, to truly impact the energy transition, they need to invest in vital R&D milestones. But how do you find a sustainable investment in a zero emissions oil?

Enter Impulse, recommended to Voyex by one of our clients, because of our commitment to facilitating sustainable innovations. We ensured transparent negotiations with existing investors, achieving a fair and balanced outcome that satisfied all stakeholders. These honest and open discussions made it possible for Voyex to secure the funding necessary and create a solid foundation for their mission. To enable the world to use hydrogen as a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly zero-emission fuel in heavy-duty applications and beyond.

We take pride in our role in helping Voyex shape a world that embraces cleaner, greener energy solutions for a sustainable future.