Healthcare sometimes needs a financial injection.

Urimon is carrying out groundbreaking research into preventative healthcare. Their scientific studies involve using AI and urine samples to detect many serious diseases at a very early stage. Including many forms of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and cardiovascular disease. Earlier diagnosis saves lives, but also saves money. It’s well-known that trying to cure sicknesses and diseases at a later stage is much more difficult and much more expensive.

This noble work is also expensive. Their ambitions to expand their biobank and develop their algorithm needed an external financial injection. That’s why Urimon consulted with Impulse. We took on the role as strategic challenger, helping them with their financial data, business plan and coordinating the whole process.

At Impulse we are passionate about supporting innovative companies like Urimon. We look forward to seeing the impact of their technology in the healthcare industry.