The acquisition of Adventure Food. Not usually what we do, but then we did.

Impulse is highly specialised in fundraising for cleantech companies, as well as businesses supporting the transition to sustainable energy and food. However, in the case of Adventure Food, it was a little different to what we usually do, as it is none of these things.

So, why? Well, Adventure Food intrigued us. We had a click with the owners, Ivo Stekelenburg and Marcel van der Schild. This high energy food was first aimed purely at hardcore climbers. During the last years this has broadened to include outdoor lifestyle consumers, like hikers and people who enjoy nature. An acquisition will help bring this positive product to a wider audience.

With some guidance from Impulse, Adventure Food was acquired by Nutridry France, whose focus is on “the pleasure of taste” but with a “health dimension” using nanotechnologies. Intending to spend €3 million in its R&D centre in 2022, working together with other partners in the sector and start-ups. What all this certainly does prove about Impulse: the strength of our international character and the dynamic nature of our company. Of course, we remain focused on our goals, but sometimes we can’t resist temptation!